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Meet The Squad

The Senior SPACE has a passion to celebrate seniors and make aging easy! 

With a background in health & wellness, social work, Senior Living and home care the squad joined forces to fulfill and enhance lives through a platform of Specialty Programs Aimed at Community Elders.

We understand the complexity of navigating the continuum of care and the importance of Elders maintaining independence to live fulfilling lives. 

Our Squad are your advocates, connecting you to the services you need! 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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Maura LE, LMT

Maura’s mission is to connect with Seniors! Whether it’s through her love of living well or her passion for design, Maura is committed to keeping Seniors feeling young at heart.


After completing her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at Illinois State University, Maura followed in her Grandmother’s footsteps and became a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. Things came full circle and Maura’s worlds of spa therapies and design collided. She created and designed a chic boutique spa that she has been operating for the last seven years. 


Maura has curated her services to offer Senior specific treatments for the past two years. ‘I have developed a new found passion in working with Seniors. The human touch alone has allowed a greater connection between my senior clients and me. The relationships I have built have surpassed any expectation and my life has been forever impacted.’ 

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